6 Things Google Stats Can Teach Us About Cycling

Cycling is changing, the rise of E-Sports through Zwift and the changing of the guard at the top of the professional peloton are just two examples. So, we decided to take a look at the number of Google searches in the last five years for a range of topics, to see how much it really is changing.

1) Zwift Vs Cyclo-Cross

Here, we can see quite how popular Zwift is becoming, having largely been searched for more in the UK over the last year than cyclo-cross as a discipline. This in itself is quite a standout statistic, with the recent extensive coverage on BT Sport of the British Cycling E-Sports championships as well as Zwift’s inclusion as a discipline at the Six Day Series event in London. This then potentially shows the direction cycling is heading, maybe even a potential Olympic inclusion in the not too distant future?

2)Zwift Vs Six Day London

So, this one is simply a comparison which shows Zwift is actually now bigger in the UK than one of the events which hosted it this year. Six Day London has become a regular feature in the UK track cycling year, so to see it being searched for less than Zwift again says a fair amount to the direction the sport is heading.

3)Cycling & The Tour

This one shows quite how massively the Olympics effects the cycling community, a huge spike during Rio 2016shows just how much the sport grows during the games. We can also see a slight growth in searches for the Tour De France over the last few years.

4)Giro Rosa

This is a really promising stat, showing the number of searches for the Giro Rosa, the showpiece women’s cycling event, is growing, suggesting a greater interest in the race, and hopefully a larger push for equality. For more on equality, be sure to check out our article, ‘The Gender Issue’

5) La Vuelta

So, this one is kind of sad, but it shows the number of searches in the UK has really dropped off in the last two years. This might be due to a number of factors but it may well be a sign that perhaps La Vuelta has dropped to the third grand tour of preference.

6)Giro D’Italia

This one is the exact contrary to the previous, showing the growth in searches for the Giro D’Italia. As a big fan of the Giro, this is great to see as it potentially proves the strength of the tour. From the data, I think it’s pretty clear the 2018 Giro had a major effect on the British public.

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